Yoga Retreats & Teacher Training

Retreats & Yoga Holidays by Charlotte

Charlotte hosts or teachers at some amazing Retreats in France & elsewhere. 

This year Charlotte hosts & teaches at various yoga retreats in Bourgogne, Bandol, the Ardèche, Cap Breton & where the inspiration takes her. Read on for more information..



Charlotte has created a 200 & 300hour Teacher Training Programmes.

ShivaShakti – the Foundations of a Fluid Practice 200 hour TTC & Advanced 300 hous TTC – after a successful first year we continue the adventure in 2019/20 with Guest teachers Cécile Roubaud (yin) & Margerie Veron (anatomy). Charlotte has also integrated a 300 hour TTC based on taking the 200 hour TTC and an additional part that is retreat and module based.  Interviews are currently being held for the 200 hour programme starting in October 2020

For information consult the ShivaShakti site & contact Charlotte directly….

Weekend and 5 day modules are organised to complement your training or deepen your yoga practice. Here are the modules offered this year

22nd – 26th January Elements, Energies & Chakras, Ain*

A five day retreat to connect with the energy and chakra points through the practice of yoga asana, breathing and meditation. A perfect opportunity to reconnect to basics, simple energetic messages, the elements. We start from the roots – I am – and we work up! This will be rich in practice, rituals and energy. Reserve your place here

27th -31st May Pillars of Femininity, St Gervais*

A five day retreat to celebrate and connect to the Goddess and intuitive sacred feminine within through the practice of yoga asana, breathing and meditation. We will be travelling through the Goddesses Bhumi, Parvati, Saraswati, Durga, Kali, Lakshmi….. it is a journey within to shine without.

Reservations are open  : Contact me for more information on :

Charlotte organises a variety of retreats in conjunction with Pure Experience, the Tigre Yoga Studios & Spa, the Yoga Journal France and as part of her teacher training programmes. Retreats are a beautiful moments to rejoice in the true art of living yoga!

Retreats & Unique Experiences for 2020

Full Moon Sacred Circles this Winter @ Val d’Isère

Four Full Moon yoga in the Yuhrt sessions are planned for this Winter season. 9th January, 8th February, 8th March and 8th April. They are held at Au Bout du Monde and pre-booking is essential with Charlotte (please text at : 0603106395) as there are only 12 places available. Rdv Manchet Valley Car Park at 18h45, start of the session at 19h15 in the Yuhrt. We finish at 20h45 and walk back in the light of the moon….. Reservations are open – contact me to book your place

Women’s Spirit Festival, Paris

We are changing venue and will be at the Hotel Salomon Rothschild in the heart of Paris and will be opening the doors 16th – 17th May 2020 to celebrate with two days of yoga, mouvement & freeing of the female soul and spirit. Stay tuned for more details.

Chakras & Energies retreat

7th – 10th May 2020, Domaine de Taillé in partnership with the Yoga Journal.  

Stage Yoga & ouverture des chakras Vers un “Voyage intérieur” Du 7 au 10 mai en Ardèche (Domaine du Taillé) Venez partager avec moi ces quelques jours dans un cadre unique, (en Ardèche, au Domaine du Taillé) chargé en énergie. Ils seront riches en expérience. Dès le premier soir nous partirons ensemble vers un voyage intérieur à la découverte des chakras. Ces 7 centres énergétiques qui équilibrent notre corps et notre humeur.  Grâce au yoga, à la méditation et à la respiration nous apprendrons comment les activer. More information and reservations here

5th – 7th June 2020 Yoga & Sound Festival, Domaine de Taillé, Ardèche

A totally beautiful experience in a unique place. Every year is just more amazing…. Early bord bookings are open. Book your place here

17th – 19th July Harmonic Festival

A unique experience of music, rituel, yoga, massage and general hippy chill out! I will be teaching 2 masterclasses under the skies and tent shade of Trigance. 

31st July- 2nd August, Avoriaz Yoga Festival, Haute Savoie

For the second time Avoriaz is hosting a beautiful yoga festival and I will be teaching several masterclasses More information to follow here soon

8th – 12th August Elements & Chakras retreat on the Atlantic Coast

A unique venue for a beautiful exploration of sacred and divine energies related to the chakras and the elements that surround and influence us. Reservations are now open!  – retreat in partnership with Pure Experience

25th – 27th September, St Gervais Hormonal Rebalancing

For the second year running this beautiful, rich and intense retreat welcomes women of all ages to rebalance physically, spiritually and mentally. Details to follow – retreat in partnership with Pure Experience

November, Bliss Yoga festival @Bordeaux

We are definitely back for a wonderful BLISS-full journey in Bordeaux at Darwin. More information here

*all retreats marked with a * are part of the 300 hour Teacher Training course but can be taken and enjoyed outside of this and also be treated as a certified teaching module. More details to follow on these retreats via this page

Charlotte’s Outlook…. 

Charlotte is an advocate of a fresh outlook to life and has chosen a lifestyle of sport, outdoor healthy living and eating and a very healthy dose of FUN!

Her yoga is fun, real, fluid, theme based, thoughtful & a mix of her prana flow, hatha, yin & ashtanga backgrounds. It combines her personal practices & beliefs and her method of teaching – ShivaShakti school of yoga, harnessing power & refining light.

Her yoga retreats & holidays are a moment to share, of true passions uniting with nature, of meeting people, of cleansing body & soul, of laughter…..

These are times that Charlotte cherishes as they are always special & always uniquely memorable

Come and join her dive into this fresh and unique approach to your yoga practice …..

 Group Classes

Join her exclusive group for women the Cercle Sacré des Femmes – a women’s group who meet once a month in a yuhrt at the end of a hidden valley.

Keep in touch through facebook and instagram : Charlotte Saint Jean

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Find your level, start, develop, nourish…. but above all practise & take the plunge!