2020 has already starting to fill up!

It is always hard for me to believe that my calendar fills up so early each year but it does. And 2020 offers some beautiful, rich and uniques experiences around amazing corners of France ….

Ways to connect

@Val d’Isère – Full Moon Sacred Circles this Winter @ Val d’Isère

Four Full Moon yoga in the Yuhrt sessions are planned for next Winter season…..

@Paris Women’s Spirit Festival, 5th – 6th December

We have had to change the dates of this festival due to the corona virus and have now reserved the weekend of 5th & 6th December to bring you an amazing light and love filled festival. Dates are now confirmed so save the weekend! 5th & 6th December 2020.  Details can be found here on the web site

@St Gervais, 27th -31st May Pillars of Femininity

A five day retreat to celebrate and connect to the Goddess and intuitive sacred feminine within through the practice of yoga asana, breathing and meditation. Reservations here on the  Pure Experience site

@Ardèche, Domaine de Taillé 7th – 10th May

Chakras and Elements retreat in this totally perfect location for pure earth connection! More details to follow – retreat in partnership with Yoga Journal

Please note : due to the Corona Virus it is not sure this retreat will happen in May

@Ardeche, Domaine de Taillé – Yoga Sound Festival 5th – 7th June

The Yoga Journal will once again be hosting this fabulous festival in the Ardèche full of music, movement and vibration!

@Lyon Yoga Lodge Limonest

le 13 juin 2020 10.30 – 12.30 Repensez l’architecture de votre vie. Un atelier pour booster votre puissance intérieur, votre rayonnement extérieur, un moment de remise en place pour tous.

@ Lyon, Le Tigre Saturday 13 juin 2020

Atelier Yoga des Déesses – pour honorer la voix intérieur. Samedi 13 juin 14h30 -17h00

@Aix les Bains, 14th June Befit

3 workshops/masterclasses during the Befit at Aix les Bains festival

@Avoriaz 31st July – 2nd August – Avoriaz Yoga Festival

Several Masterclasses will be on offer during the 3 days of the festival

@Atlantic Coast, France 8th – 12th August Chakras and Elements retreat

An amazing place and 5 days around chakras, elements and their influence on our soul! – retreat held in partnership with Pure Experience. Reservations here

@Paris 13th September @ Studio Cambronne

The workshop from March on nourishing the pillars of femininity and the temple of your soul has been moved from March to Sunday 13th September due to the corona virus outbreak. More details on this event to follow shortly….

@St Gervais, 25th – 27th September Hormonal Rebalancing retreat

Details to follow – retreat held in partnership with Pure Experience

@Bordeaux BLISS is back in November for another amazing year!

6th – 8th November 2020. Three days of yoga, music, love and light! I will be teaching two masterclasses and much more….