Yogic Calendar for 2019


I cannot believe I am already writing this page and that 2019 is already looking incredible. I will be teaching some beautiful retreats – some are still in the final planning stages – at some incredible festivals, workshops in and around France and Belgium and continuing with the 200 and 300 hour teacher training courses.

Photo Anaka Anaka

Here are some dates that are already confirmed for 2019

Save the date : The release of my first book – La sortie de mon premier livre 7th March 2019

Le Yoga : Rayonner sa Puissance au Féminin

Full Moon Sacred Circles this Winter @ Val d’Isère

Four Full Moon yoga in the Yuhrt sessions are planned for this Winter season. 21st January, 19th February, 21st March and 19th April. They are held at Au Bout du Monde and pre-booking is essential with Charlotte (please text at : 0603106395) as there are only 12 places available. Rdv Manchet Valley Car Park at 18h45, start of the session at 19h15 in the Yuhrt. We finish at 20h45 and walk back in the light of the moon…..

23rd – 27th January Pillars of Femininity Retreat – Les Piliers de la Féminité, Bourgogne*

This is a beautiful retreat around the various incarnations of Shakti – Bhumi (earth), Saraswati (water), Lakshmi (air & abundance), Durga (fire), Rati (sensuality & desire) & Kali (for the wild child within). It also forms one of the retreat modules of the 300 hour teacher training course – you do not have to be a teacher or on the course to come along to this. More information and reservation details to follow

31st January – 3rd February – Winter Harmony & Wellness, St Gervais, Haute Savoie

A wonderful way to spend a few days in the mountains taking car of your inner soul and outer body. Harmony from within…. more details to follow shortly.

15th – 17th March Women’s Spirit Festival, Paris

We have our amazing dates for 2019 – still at our adopted home of L’Hôtel de l’Industrie, St Germain des Près, Paris we will be opening the doors 15th – 17th March 2019 but we will be back with three days of yoga, mouvement & freeing of the female soul and spirit. Stay tuned for more details.

22nd – 24th March, Feu & Puissance, Bourgogne*

Un weekend sur l’élément du feu et le chakra de transformation, Manipura. Plus de détails à suivre. A weekend celebrating the fire energy of our vital strength and the Manipura chakra, chakra of transformation!

30th March Aix les Bains

Une belle journée pour célébrer la déesse intérieure

Avec le Yoga Journal une journée divisée en deux parties pour travailler sur l’appel de la déesse. A beautiful days of workshops divided into two parts to celebrate your inner Goddess. Details to follow.

31st May – 2nd June May, Air & Espace, Bourgogne*

Un weekend qui tourne autour de l’akasha, l’air et l’espace et les chakras du coeur, de la gorge, du troisième oeil. Plus de détails à suivre. A weekend to celebrate space, Akasha. Air, space and the chakras of the heart, the throat and the third eye centre.

14th – 16th June, Water & Fluidity, Bourgogne*

Un weekend pour plonger dans l’élément de l’eau et le deuxième chakra, Swadistana. A weekend to celebrate water. Yes, to dive into the fluidity of our body and the water’s healing organic energy. Plus de détails à suivre

7th – 9th June Yoga & Sound Festival, Domaine de Taillé, Ardèche

A totally beautiful experience in a unique place.

12th – 14th July Harmonic Festival @Trigance (le Vars, France)

So excited to be a part of this beautiful festival experience I cannot wait. I will be teaching a Chakra & Elements workshop and a Fluid Lunar Restorative session during the festival. This is a unique experience to practice deep in nature with like minded beautiful souls. For more information please visit

1st – 4th August, Running, Vitality & Yoga, Ste Jean de Luz

Our annual retreat in this unique spot – running, yoga and healthy cuisine! More details to follow!

13th – 15th September, @ Montpellier Hameau de l’Étoile

Celebrating the sacred feminine – a beautiful weekend to celebrate the Goddess within (open to all). We journey with Bhumi for her stability, Saraswati for her creative fluidity, Durga for her force and strength, Kali for her fierce wild side, Lakshmi for her abundance, Rati for her sensuality. Information on bookings to follow shortly with the Yoga Journal.

28th – 29th September Hormonal Re-blancing, Bourgogne*

Un weekend d’équilibre hormonal (pour le femmes) inspiré du Hormone Yoga de Dinah Rodrigues. Inner hormonal balancing for women – based on the Hormone Yoga teachings of Dinah Rodrigues.

November 2019, Bliss Yoga festival @Bordeaux

We are definitely back for a wonderful BLISS-full journey in Bordeaux at Darwin. More to follow very soon.

*all retreats marked with a * are part of the 300 hour Teacher Training course but can be taken and enjoyed outside of this and also be treated as a certified teaching module. More details to follow on these retreats via this page