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By Charlotte Saint Jean

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Charlotte’s story starts many years ago & the path of yoga has been a wonderful tool for healing, rejuvenation & loving kindness…. She has been teaching yoga since 2002 in France. English of nationality and with a sales career behind her she now devotes herself to her family and her yoga teachings, study and practise.



My Yoga Story

Yoga found me in London in the mid 1990s amidst a haze of career, ambition and living/working/partying hard. Blocked in a masculine world fighting to be an equal and never achieving my very high goals. I found myself in an Ashtanga session one Sunday afternoon in a crowed chic gym surrounded by people in the know I left dripping wet, exhausted and intrigued.

The journey had begun.

After years of body issues, dieting, body-loathing, addictions, over exercises, guilt-tripping I slowly began practicing the odd Sun Salutation.

A little breathing and meditation here, a change in attitude there….  to appreciate the subtle changes that started to happen in my life. My skin looked better, my tummy bloated and cramped less, I started to let go of what I thought I should be and started to be who I wanted to be.

Facing demons, allowing changes to happen, being afraid but doing it anyway – what had made me be this person…. Yoga? Surely not. But my practice continued, developed, flourished even in my eyes until I found myself on a hospital bed with trainee doctors saying its crohn’s disease, the appendix, we need to operate…. Stop something radical had to happen. The good parts of life were filtering slowly in but persisting down a career path with no soul was not helping.

This is an extract from Toute Une Histoire – an afternoon programme on France 2 and it describes some of the reasons why I had to leave my job (in French)…..

So I quit…. Quite simple quit a hugely well paid job and left for an ashram and dived deeply into fear and challenge. I left the lights of London, joined my ski instructor husband in Val d’Isère and started to create a new life with a different perspective.

I have now been sharing this yoga journey since 2002 in France – there was no yoga in Val d’Isère at first and only big wide eyes  at the mention of the word and now there are over 6 yoga teachers and an annual yoga festival I organise supported by the Tourist Office.

Yoga and its many branches and flavours and ramifications had hit the slopes so to speak.


With firm English roots that I love to cultivate I am now firmly rooted in Savoie where I live with my two daughters and totally make the most of the mountain lifestyle I am lucky enough to live within. With a healthy dose of fun, sport, and love for myself and those around me I have finally beaten the body demons and found the body and energy of a woman with curves, edges and perfect imperfections. My body feels stronger, happier, leaner (is that the practice of yoga or because I am happier?) …..

And the yoga?

It is so part of my daily routine it doesn’t even need to make it on the To Do list it just is!

To discover more about me and my lifestyle  ….. pour écouter l’émission avec Marie-Pierre Planchon sur France Inter sur mon parcours de vie et le second souffle….

Thanks and Gratitude to all my teachers

Charlotte’s style is now here own unique mix of many teachers and schoolings but here are a few of the influences along the way for which she is truly grateful.

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This is how I practice

Main school certified teacher training:  Sivananda Vedanta School, (TTC and ATTC) with Shiva Rea (Prana Flow 200 hours), David Swenson (Ashtanga first series), Amazing teacher training workshops with Lara Bauman (Quantum) and Sarah Powers (Yin/Insight Yoga), Rod Stryker (Para Yoga) and Dinah Rodrigues for her Hormone Yoga Teacher Training…. 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher & accredited school of yoga.

Gratitude to the continued influences of Elena Brower (Vira Yoga), Cassandra Kish (Vidyaa Yoga & some fab life coaching), Kathyrn Budig (Aim True!), Marc Holzman (Guerilla Yoga and a great all round person), Shiva Rea (Prana Flow and glowing radiant friend), Mika de Brito (Mika Yoga & TCPC – and for being a like-minded soul), Alessandra Pecorella for her radiance

Festivals & Events

Charlotte organised for many years the annual Yoga Festival in Val d’Isère which she has now taken a break from, is founder and now “Patron” to the Bliss Bordeaux  festival & the co-organises the Women’s Spirit Festival in Paris

For the full schedule of workshops coming up…

Photo par Philip Volkers

Her personal practise and the benefits in her own life are her main inspirations to share and teach this wonderful art of yoga. Her teaching is the reflection of a healthy and happy life full of gratitude and joy. Classes are infused with music vibes and her feelings and practise of the moment as she takes inspirations from those around her, the seasons and her own life. A class becomes a shared experience and one with just a touch of humour.

This Winter Charlotte will be teaching private sessions & occasional workshops in Val d’Isère, Tignes & Ste Foy as well as workshops & teacher training modules in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and where the yoga mat takes me.



Charlotte has launched her own Teacher Training Programme and 2019 is now full but she is interviewing for the 2020 intake for the 200 and 300 hour TTC.

The programme will be a reflection of her method of teaching and will follow the influences of her various teachers with a particular emphasis on the Tantric traditions. More news to follow soon


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