ShivaShakti – the Foundations of a Fluid Practice

Shiva Shakti

School of Yoga The Foundations of a Fluid Practice

Harnessing Power & Refining Light

Cultiver Ta Puissance – Filtrer la Lumière – pour cette information en français veuillez me contacter directement

“The Yoga tradition has often been carried forward by male exponents, but the vast majority of modern practitioners are female. The Universe is finding its own natural balance and I’ve been pondering about my Lineage (spiritual family) for long time. Finally I’ve made sense of my roots and I’m happy to share this with you.”

This was written by my dear friend Alessandra Pecorella when describing her yoga school and her teaching direction and to be honest I could have written this myself. It is exactly as I feel. Like Alessandra, I have been a yogini for many years and have studied in several traditions. Along the way I have been very lucky to be taught by or just be in the presence of some incredible gurus, teachers, people….. They have been from different traditions some more solar and some more lunar. Some more dynamic, some more enigmatic. Some just in passing and some for longer periods of time.

Why this Teacher Training?

“When I was in my teacher training with the Sivananda Vedanta International Yoga School in 2002 I received a spiritual name from Swami Kailasanada. She asked for my chosen mantra (which was based on Saraswati…. creativity, knowledge, music… ), we both entered into a meditation and after about 20 minutes she said “Shakti”. I was a little naïve at the time and didn’t really know what that meant – “universal manifestation of energy, it is the life-force and powerful energy… is a very powerful name”… WOW. Honestly, I did not feel equipped to have this name but I had it…. a few years later I searched on the internet using my name – Shakti yoga – Shiva Rea’s Shakti Rythmns appeared on the screen. I bought the DVD, my yoga path diverted, my personal and professional life was on a very new and exciting tangent. The flow of prana, the fluidity & femininity I could finally manifest started to fill my yoga practice & teaching.

Now, 15 years later, I am starting to manifest the creative energy of Saraswati & the rising of Kundalini and the universal energy of Shakti. I needed time, experience and practice to create a stable and rooted base to my life, my yoga path, my practice. I needed space and time to feel I could unite abilities & passions to further share this incredible discipline. ShivaShakti is born of many years of personal experience, work on my own mind, body, spiritual journey. The creative juices, study, presence and desire are now present….. ShivaShakti School of Yoga…. The foundations of a fluid practice is born!”


The sun, or Suyra, is lead more by the dynamic, male, energy that we associate with “solar” and the moon, or “Chandra” we tend to associate with women, with the more evening or grounded energy. The solar side lights up our Buddhi, our higher intelligence and is the life giver, the provider of Prana – we need this to feel connected with the traditions of Raja, Jnana and Kriya yoga and the wisdom of the vedas. The Lunar side of the tradition resonates with probably because it has been carried forward by Yoginis. Their nourishing energy streams forth from the Moon. The Moon in Yoga represents the Mind and Soma, the nectar of Bliss that we have all experienced at least once in our lives, when falling in love. In the Hindu tradition, mother is first guru (teacher) and proper respect of Yoginis is a necessary part of the path to liberation.

A Yogini is the sacred feminine force made incarnate: the goddesses of mythology (Lakshmi, Parvati, Durga, Kali) – the many faces of what women embody. The ordinary human woman is also enlightened, an amazing manifestation of both having exuberant passion, spiritual powers and deep insight, capable of giving birth, of juggling tasks, of adapting to the energy required. I have been trying to make sense of the yoga traditions and modern yoga lineages for years. I cam to yoga from a very physical premiss although I had a very religious and I suppose spiritual path, this was not my starting point. The challenge over the years has been how to marry the physical practice to the spiritual and how to mirror my life’s, my body’s needs whilst still living in a modern world and feeding the needs of my family.

Modern Hatha Yoga should bring balance between the Sun (Pingala Nadi, Prana Shakti) and the Moon (Ida Nadi, Manas Shakti) Channels.  Ou role is to honour both the Sun and the Moon currents. Those who seek and pursue both find the middle path: the gracious Sushumna Nadi – find harmony. These two pillars of the yoga tradition form a crucial part of my own practice and of this training path as we explore the balance and harmony between the solar and lunar paths, between the yin and yang, the female and the male, the every evolving circle of energy. Harnessing Power & Refining Light.

“My life & the rich experiences I have been lucky enough to enjoy my children, my friends, my family, my battles with my body, my many & varied yoga classes, teachers & training courses as well as 15 years of teaching experience have led me to fully appreciate how much yoga is an amazing “tool box” – spiritual, physical &mental. The balance of life, the harmony we all seek can only be enriched by continued practice & continually adapting your practice to your life, your body’s phases and needs, the ever-evolving path of each and every life…”


About the Foundations of a Fluid Practice

200hrs Vinyasa Flow Yoga Course

The Foundation 200hrs Vinyasa flow yoga course, runs over 8 months from October each year to June. This teacher training flows from Autumn to Summer & is based on two decades of my personal experience of living Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda.

The program will consist of 7 non residential weekends in Paris & a retreat in Hossegor to complete the training

During the Program we will cover:

  • How to practice and teach Asanas, Pranayama, Bandhas and Kriyas
  • How to transmit the principles of Flow in the context of Hatha Yoga.
  • Principles of Vinyasa, Sequencing, Use of props and hands-on adjusts.
  • Sanskrit for Yoga, Mudras, Mantras and Meditation Techniques.
  • Teaching Methodology and Teacher’s Tools.
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga Postures and Breathing.
  • Energetic concepts based on Tantra, Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda.
  • Philosophy and History of Yoga.
  • Yoga Ethics and Lifestyle.
  • How to set up your own classes, Approach Yoga Studios, how and when to teach workshops, yoga holidays. Cover Classes, Self-Employment, Insurance for Yoga.

This course is intensive & needs commitment! Spaces are limited to 15 so if you are interested in applying please contact me on 

You will experience teaching from the very first module and build up your confidence and skills gradually and with the supervision of me and Mentors and you will be continuously able to assess your progress as you go along.

The course will be structured as practice time, theory time and “teaching labs”. The TTs will teach in/to small groups of peers starting from a single technique (Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Kriya, Bandha, Meditation or Mantra). These labs will become incrementally more complex, moving on the TTs from teaching the single technique to creating simple sequences with a specific purpose (unlocking a body part/ energetic effect/ alignment based). This way you will progressively become familiar with sequencing that is a bit like playing with the building blocks that make a class.

My aim is to offer you a methodology that you can clearly refer to and offer you the tools that you can use to shape your own teaching. At the same time I wish to facilitate a space where we have fun learning how to practice and teach so that we maximise the learning curve in a stimulating environment. You will be expected to read and prepare work as well as practice in between the 7 weekend modules so as to progress and integrate the curriculum fully.

The final exam will be a combination of the 7 weekend module’s work, some written and filmed material as well as a final teacher exam prior to & during the course of the 5 day retreat held in June.

Ultimately Teaching is an art and we are artists. As every art is a way of expressing your creating self, before you can reach an artistic level of expression though there is great deal of techniques and repetition involved and the Course is the ideal way for you to learn and practice your teaching skills. Anatomy, Philosophy and History of Yoga will be interspersed throughout the duration of the Course so that you will have the time to familiarise yourself with these concepts gradually and organically. IN that way you will have time to digest them rather than forcing them down your system and you should become able to integrate them in your teachings whenever you feel ready to do so.

Elements of Classical and Modern Yoga, devotional and scientific approach all come together in this course to offer you a cutting edge program that aims at integrating the ancient teachings of Yoga into our contemporary lifestyle!

Dates & Module Themes for the training course…

Foundations of a Fluid Practice 6th – 8th October Charlotte Saint Jean @ Red Earth Centre, Paris.

Ayurveda & Yoga 17th – 19th November Charlotte Saint Jean @ Red Earth Centre, Paris

Foundations of a Restorative Practice 15th – 17th December – Cécile Roubaud @ Red Earth Centre, Paris

Elements & Chakras 19th – 21st January Charlotte Saint Jean @ Red Earth Centre, Paris

Inner Alignement & Restorative, Lunar Practice 2nd – 4th March Charlotte Saint Jean @ Red Earth Centre, Paris

Anatomy 13th – 15th April Anne-Gaelle Guillot @ Red Earth Centre, Paris

The Pillars of Femininity 18th – 20th May Charlotte Saint Jean @ Red Earth Centre, Paris

Retreat & Final Exam 22nd – 26th June 2018 Hossegor @ La Ferme d’Audine, Yoga Searcher

For more information & to apply

please contact Charlotte – she will be interviewing individually each student before accepting them into the programme.

The course will be taught in French & English if necessary

This Training Course if for ? 

Those seeking to deepen their practice

  • Those seeking to become yoga teachers & explore their potential
  • Teachers who are looking to widen their knowledge, experience & encourage their creativity & spiritual awakening

You may find yourself on this path called yoga by pure chance, by a series of circumstances, through a physical or spiritual desire to seek out your Dharma (your reason for being here). You may even have undertaken a teacher training course already but feel that something is missing from your practice or teaching style, your personal ability in certain postures, something lacking in your meditation practice. You may also have progressed since your “beginnings” wherever and whenever they have been and now is the time to go deeper. We welcome you – the door always opens at the right time for you 

You should

  • Already have a strong & regular practice
  • Be prepared to work, be committed, be disciplined
  • Be prepared to go deeper into your physical and spiritual practice
  • Be open to the possibility of change

Prestige Lifestyle Coaching


Respirer, Méditer, Bouger


Charlotte favours prana flow in her teachings. She has the ability to integrate fluidity & natural yoga into your life & allow you to find harmony & balance where you are, here & now. Enjoy the mountains. Revive, find peace, re-balance body & mind. Learn to listen within, channel your energy, be more confident & take care of your body.

Charlotte favorise le prana flow dans ses enseignements – une véritable boîte à outils pour intégrer un yoga fluide et naturel qui vous accompagne là où vous en êtes dans votre vie et qui est le reflet du cadre dans lequel vous vous trouvez. Profitez des bienfaits de la montagne pour vous ressourcer, apaiser et rééquilibrer corps et mental. Apprenez à vous écouter, canalisez vos énergies pour mieux les utiliser, reprenez confiance, prenez soin de vous…


During your holiday enjoy…. Pendant vos vacances profitez du ……


Sessions consist of any combination of the above. They are held in the comfort of your chalet according to your needs. Time & cost will depend upon your chosen package.

Les séances seront pratiquées dans le confort de votre chalet,
au calme en toute sérénité selon vos disponibilités. Durée et tarif des séances selon la formule choisie.

To Book your sessions – Pour Réserver Votre séance

Tel : +33 (0)6 03 10 63 95   Email :

Who is Charlotte?

Since 2002 Charlotte has been teaching yoga both in groups & privately in Val d’Isère, Tignes & Sainte Foy. She organises workshops encouraging fluidity, femininity & harmony in Paris, Bruxelles & Bordeaux.


Creator of Live Love Life – a charitable organisation, yoga for the homeless & Ambassador for the Arthritus Foundation, Charlotte also works at Salpétrière hospital for those with chronic back issues. In 2012 she founded Yoga Chez Moi, the first French online yoga platform & brought to life the Yoga Festival Val d’Isère & the Womens’ Spirit Festival. Part of the Pure Experience team Charlotte teaches themed retreats. Creator of the Yoga Festival Val d’Isère, of the Womens’ Spirit festival, Mummy & Lover of Life, she writes for the Yoga Journal & various blog sites. Charlotte’s teaching style combines Hatha, Yin, Ashtanga, Prana Flow & Hormone yoga. Her classes are created from life experience & from the heart!

Charlotte donne depuis 2002 des cours collectifs et privés de yoga à Val d’Isère, Tignes collabore également à l’écriture pour le Yoga Journal ainsi que pour divers blogs. Riche de ses formations – Hatha, Yin, Ashtanga, Prana Flow et plus récemment encore Hormone yoga – de son expérience, de ses passions que sont la randonnée, le trail, les sports d’hiver, la musique, son rôle de maman et de femme, ses cours viennent du coeur. Charlotte organise des retraites et des ateliers axés sur les femmes & l’équilibre du corps et esprit sont régulièrement organisés dans les studios à Paris, Bruxelles et Bordeaux. Créatrice de Live Love Life – une démarche à titre bénévole pour les sans abris – et Ambassadrice de la fondation Arthritis, elle s’intéresse à une philosophie de yoga pour tous donnant des cours à des personnes atteintes de pathologies articulaires, notamment à la Pitié Salpêtrière à Paris. Fondatrice, en 2012, du site en ligne « Yoga Chez Moi », créatrice du Yoga Festival Val d’Isère Maman, Passionnée de la Vie et du « Women Spirit Festival », la recherche constante de bien être rythme sa vie. Charlotte fait partie de l’équipe Pure Expérience et enseigne lors de retraites mélangeant yoga et activités sportives.



Save the Dates for 2017

2017 is already getting booked up…..

So this is a save the dates page


Photo by Isabelle Nègre @ Normandy Beach

For Winter Classes in Val d’Isère, Séez & Ste Foy…. 









PARIS – @Le Tigre Rives Gauches Detox & Rebondir 11 MARCH


2 WORKSHOPS – Prana Flow – Réveillez Votre Fluidité & Prana Flow – Ouvrez Votre Coeur & Encouragez Votre Rayonnement Intérieur on Saturday 25th March





AIX LES BAINS – YOGA & WELLNESS DAY, BEFIT @Aix les Bains with the Yoga Journal (more details to follow)




BORDEAUX – 30th June @ 19h30-20h30 Cultivate Your Inner Light @ the Bivouac Bordeaux


BORDEAUX – 1st July Hormone Yoga Workshop 10h00 @ Bivouac Bordeaux

BORDEAUX – 1st July @ Yoga With You Feminine Sensuality & Womens’ Embodiment 14h30-17h00

ARDÈCHE – 6th – 8th July – YOGA JOURNAL RETREAT SOLUNA, DOMAINE DE TAILLE, ARDÈCHE with Julien Levy Prana Flow, Acro Yoga, Tai Yoga Massage





8th – 9th September – Brussels @ Yyoga for a weekend of workshops

Friday 8th evening

Awaken the Wild Woman Within – celebrate your sensuality, unleash the Goddess within, it’s time to rise sister! An exploration of the wild & sexy within! Embody the flow

Saturday 9th morning

Harness Your Energy & Refine your Light – Back to school can be fun. Harness and channel your Summer time energy to keep the heat and inner rays glowing within.

Saturday 9th afternoon

What if your weakness was your greatest strength? – It is always just a question of relative. We still live in the idea of no pain no gain creating barriers, suffering and maintaining the preconceptions along the way. But guess what? You don’t have to struggle – you are allowed to soften. Find your weakness and know that this could actually be your strength! Are there Yoga poses the frighten you? Well let’s soften the edges together….

Sunday 10th September @ Serendip for a Teacher training Day

Foundations of a Fluid Practice

a full day based on some of the principles from my teacher training modules




28TH SEPTEMBER – 1ST OCTOBER  Charms of Provence Yoga Holiday – OLIVES & VINES




22nd – 26th October 2017 – Near Port Mahon in an incredible place.

Yoga, Thai Box-Fusion, Super healthy food….

Right by the beach, chill out & sun yourself before the Winter

Limited to 11 max so book early. Let me know if you would like to come and I will send you a booking form


Lausanne @ O2 Studio – Friday evening 10th November Feminine Sensuality Workshop Saturday 11th Hormone Yoga Workshop


OCTOBER 2017 – JUNE 2018

Shhhhhhh But some exclusive information here… I am launching my 200 HOUR Teacher Training Programme ShivaShakti from October 2017


200 Hour Teacher Training for new & current teachers based on

Prana Flow ( created by ShivaRea), Ayurvéda theories, fluid life practice, hormonal rebalancing & restorative practice, the sacred texts & honouring our inner Goddess!

SHIVASHAKTI will open it’s doors in October 2017 for a maximum of 15 students

7 non-residential weekends in PARIS @ the Red Earth Centre & a 4-5 day retreat @ Yoga Searcher Hossegor in june 2018 to complete the training programme. Guest teachers Cécile Roubaud for Yin Yoga & Anne-Gaelle Guillot for Anatomy.

More to follow


Brussels Yoga Weekend

Charlotte is coming to town! Save the dates

4 Workshops in two studios in the heart of Brussels.

Following the wonderful success of the Brussels Yoga Spirit Festival I am delighted to say I will be teaching 4 amazing workshops in this great city thanks to YYoga & Serendip

4th – 6th November


Beautiful photo by Fabio Fillipi at the Geneva Yoga Festival


19H00 – 20H30


A beautiful moment to to live fully the tantric premiss of taking inspiration from the moment and harnessing your natural potential. @ YYOGA


10H00 – 13H00


How do feel and find your strength in life, when faced with a challenge, in your yoga poses? This workshop will harness the fire of the manipura chakra, tap into your inner energy & soften the edges of challenging postures in a yoga practice. You are all individual strong & vital beings you sometimes just need to be reminded of your full potential! @YYOGA


17H30 – 19H30


Your inner light does not just come from the a disciplined yoga practice, eating salad leaves daily, etc… it comes from a very healthy love of life! It comes from believing in yourself, it comes from pushing the boundries, it comes from self acceptance and a massive amount of laughter, love & dance. I kid you not! The ability and the desire to laugh at oneself, with others, to dance your way through life, to do things daily that frighten you and shake the dust is the best soul medecine ever! So with a healthy dose of laughter, some strong Positive Personal Mantras, heart openers and fun come and flow, shine & believe! @SERENDIP


by Isabelle Nègre at the Brussels Yoga Spirit festival


10H00 – 13H00


We frequently get disaligned with our inner balance and on a daily basis should return to source and regroup even if just for 15 minutes. This is a soft and beautiful workshop to regroup body mind and soul. Using Pranayama, Hormone & Yin Yoga, Prana Flow techniques & even some live music & chanting we will guide the body towards an inner harmony. Rebalancing the soul, realigning the hormones, replenishing your inner to nourish the outer. Focussing on grounding, creating space through movement, stillness, sound & breath travel within to replenish without @ YYOGA

Winter Season 2016/17

Yoga in the Mountains – an ideal time to take care of you!

Here is my programme of group classes for the forthcoming Winter season. Group classes starts beginning of December…

I will be organising a monthly Cercle Sacré des Femmes again (probably in the Manchet Yuhrt), Hormonal Yoga Workshops from January & onbce a month & Yoga Brunches in March and April in Ste Foy.

Dates & Information to follow

I will also be offering Prestige Personalised packs for those looking for more of a lifestyle package – meditation, hormonal rebalancing, sports preparation, deep yoga flow, recovering from injury….

For more information….


Back to School – Latest Newsletter – La Rentrée

Yoga – With – Altitude

Back to Yoga School

Oooofff l’été et quel été. Après des mois intenses de travail j’ai démarré mes vacances avec une semaine à Budapest – une très belle ville et wow le festival Samsara valait le coup – 4 jours de musique, yoga, méditation et de total chill out! It was epic. Suivi de plages, pas mal de route, des moments avec mes filles et du major time out!

Oui la France a connu une période de chagrin cet été et toutes mes pensées vont aux victimes. Mais nous sommes là, nous sommes forts et nous sommes plein d’amour pour y faire face!

Festival Moment with my friend Masha

La rentrée arrive d’une cadence et les vacances, les moments de faniente (pas mon point fort!) arrivent à leur fin. C’est le moment idéal pour planifier ton retour vers ton tapis et ta pratique de yoga. Oui j’ai l’espoir que pendant les vacances tu as trouvé un peu de temps pour méditer, bouger et respirer mais comme pour beaucoup c’est souvent plus facile de le faire quand tu es accompagné d’autres motivés lors d’un cours ou d’un atelier. Alors sous le soleil toujours chaud de ce mois d’août voici quelques suggestions yogiques pour la rentrée et pour cette fin d’année tout au moins de mon côté.
PS. Un énorme namaste à l’équipe de Pure Experience et toutes personnes qui sont venues pour notre séjour de surf et yoga à St Jean de Luz – un mot “inoubliable!” – Rdv l’année prochaine c’est certain.

Offfff After a mad work schedule this year I kicked off my holidays with a week in Budapest – highly recommended by the way – and wow!!! the Samsara Festival was well worth the trip. 4 days of music, yoga, meditation & major chill out as well as a good dose of hippy living.

Samsara Festival 2016

Followed by beaches, time out with my girls, running, cycling & yoga, a healthy chunk of road tripping and some memorable moments I am now home and … Yes, it’s that Back to School time – the end of the holidays are fast approaching and the afternoons of faniente (not my strong point) are coming to a close. It is an ideal time to plan your return to the yoga mat and your practice.

My babes beach living !!!

Yes I have a vague hope that you have moved, meditated and breathed your way through July and August but like many you find it easier to say…. when school starts again so will I as it is easier to practice with others just as “motivated” as you in a class or workshop. So under the hot sunny August skies here are a few bits of yoga news to tempt you back in September and “my happenings” up until the end of this year.

PS. Thanks so much to the Pure Experience team & all who came to this Summer’s Surf and Yoga retreat in St Jean de Luz. It was in one word “unforgettable” – rdv in 2017 for sure (book early it was packed this year)


Meditative Moments in Béziers this Summer

Saturday 10th September  
Le Tigre Yoga Club Rives Gauches
14h30 – 17h00 
Pure Prana Flow
To maintain your healthy summer glow a beautiful flowing workshop based on the essence of Shiva Rea’s teachings and the Prana Flow tribal vibe. A fluid & dynamic workshop to create power, positivity & plenitude – a great way to start back to school!
Pour maintenir le rayonnement de cet été avec un atelier tonique et dynamique basé sur les techniques de Shiva Rea et le Prana Flow Tribal Vibration. Des namaskars et séquences pour encourager puissance, positivité & plénitude – idéale pour cette rentrée!
Réservez votre place auprès de Elodie et son équipe au Tigre

8th – 11th September

I will be teaching a free workshop on the Sunday at 14h00 to enjoy the Prana Flow Foundations
Head to their web site for information

Retreat in Provence
20th – 23rd September

Charms of Provence Escape

A few spaces are left for this fabulous escape – a few days in Provence – yoga, markets, salt water pools, beaches, luxury accommodation, wine tasting, time out.
Perfect to revamp the body & soul.
Reserve your place
Quelques places restent pour ce séjour juste incroyable au coeur de Provence – dégustation de produits locaux, hébèrgement juste extra, piscine au sel, les plages, les marchés et oui du yoga!!!! Parfait pour remettre en place corps, coeur et esprit!
Réservez votre place

Traditionally October is a month of headless chicken mode – Om Shows, festival in Paris etc…. This year I am taking October out. I know hard to believe. I am heading to Mallorca with my girls for part of it and using the rest of the time to relaunch my online yoga site YogaChezMoi as well as reflect on some music projects and a book people keep encouraging me to write. So time out à la Charlotte! No teaching at least, little travel, time out of the hectic whirl that is my daily…

Time out filming in Aix en Provence for YogaChezMoi
Traditionnellement octobre c’est le mois de festivals, salons et ateliers mais cette année je prends du time out. Je sais difficile à croire mais voilà. Je vais prendre ce temps pour partir avec mes filles en Mallorque en partie, relancer mon site du yoga en ligne YogaChezMoi et réfléchir à certains projets de musique et un livre que pas mal de gens m’encouragent d’écrire. Oui time out à la Charlotte mais pas de cours ni d’ateliers!
BRUSSELS 4th – 6th November
A weekend of yoga at two studios in Brussels YYoga & Serendip


19H00 – 20H30


A beautiful moment to to live fully the tantric premiss of taking inspiration from the moment and harnessing your natural potential. @ YYOGA


10H00 – 13H00


How do feel and find your strength in life, when faced with a challenge, in your yoga poses?  Tap into your inner energy & soften the edges of challenging postures in a yoga practice.  @YYOGA

Photo by Isabelle Nègre


17H30 – 19H30


Your inner light does not just come from the a disciplined yoga practice, eating salad leaves daily, etc… it comes from a very healthy love of life! It comes from believing in yourself. So with a healthy dose of laughter, some strong Positive Personal Mantras, heart openers and fun come and flow, shine & believe! @SERENDIP


10H00 – 13H00


This is a soft and beautiful workshop to regroup body mind and soul. Using Pranayama, Hormone & Yin Yoga, Prana Flow techniques & even some live music & chanting we will guide the body towards an inner harmony. @ YYOGA

Filming the Sensualité Féminine session in Aix en Provence



18-20 NOVEMBRE, Près de MONTELIMAR, Drome Provence

At this fabulous location “Les Logis de Bourg” come & spend three days on this mini break yogique just for women to celebrate our power, sensuality, strength, softness. Beautiful food created by Isabelle Jan, fabulous location just perfect for a pre Winter break!

Juste pour les femmes un petit séjour dans un cadre unique “Les Logis de Bourg” pour célébrer notre douceur, sensualité, puissance et sexualité. Parfait juste avant l’hiver pour nous les femmes. Isabelle Jan sera la créatrice de notre nourriture!
plus d’excuses réservez maintenant


All information on my workshops for 2016 is on my site here

Lokha Samathaha Sukhino Bhavantu
May all beings everywhere be happy

Hormone Yoga

Hormone Yoga

The natural way towards a healthy happy body!

Charlotte st jean

What better way to help you shine

This is a dynamic, strong practice designed by Dinah Rodrigues, a feisty 85 year old lady to enable women of all ages but particularly facing pre, during and post menopause to balance out hormonal imbalances. The postures, bastrika breath, movements and visualisations help to increase oestrogen levels and balance out some of the negative effects of the menopause and the ageing process.

Women notice a significant difference in their sleep patterns, their skin texture, their libido levels, their energy and general well being. Charlotte is always interested in yoga techniques and natural methods to fully radiate her heathly, happy approach to life through her body.

“As we get older women often seem to fade, loose vital energy, sex drive, the youthful radiance and it’s hard to see it happen. I am a true believer that yoga holds the key to a healthy body and a happy, radiant, positive mind. The Hormone Yoga sequence is another fabulous tool in my yoga tool box to help me as I approach 50 and enjoy my pre-menopausal state to continue to radiate, live life to the full – all aspects of life!”

Hormone Yoga – the sequence

It is a very specific sequence of postures and a very specific use of the breath and mental visualisation that holds the key to the Hormone Yoga’s success story. It is best to discover this technique in a workshop or extended class environment.

Charlotte qualified in June 2016 in this method and will be teaching a series of workshops during the Winter season in Val d’Isère & elsewhere during the course of 2017

Hormone Yoga & Hormonal Rebalancing Workshops will be held during the Yoga Festival Val d’Isère

28th – 30th April 2017

Hormone Yoga Workshop in Bordeaux

1st July 10h00-12h00 @ Le Bivouac


Cette pratique tonique a été créé par Dinah Rodrigues, une belle dame de 85 ans afin de donner les femmes un moyen naturel de faire face aux différentes phases de leur vie. Pré ménopause, ménopause ou juste des troubles hormonaux, cette série vous aide à ré-équilibrer tout ceci. Les postures, la respiration Bastrika, les mouvements et les visualisations vous aident à augmenter le taux d’oestrogen dans votre corps et donc d’équilibrer certains “effets négatifs” pendant les phases de votre vie de femme.

Charlotte s’intéresse toujours à des façons naturelles de soigner le corps, de prévenir des soucis, de rayonner autrement!

“On prend l’âge et d’un coup on n’est plus aussi visible qu’avant, on est “grises”, fade, on perd notre vitalité naturelle, notre libido (des fois dans ce monde moderne avec les femmes fortes qui savent tout faire c’est le cas plus jeune aussi).  Je crois fermement que le yoga et ses diverses techniques peut nous aider à avoir un corps plus vital et en bonne santé, qui rayonne, qui est inondé d’une attitude positive. La série Hormonale est un super outil pour rester dans le dynamisme et profiter de ma vie de femme le plus longtemps possible!” “

Hormone Yoga – la séquence

C’est une série très spécifique de postures et une respiration qui s’apprend et qui prend du temps à maîtriser. Ces deux choses ensemble tiennent la clé pour le succès de cette série de Hormone Yoga. C’est mieux de découvrir la série pour une première fois lors d’un atelier.

Hormone Yoga Workshops @ Centre Aquasportif

Dimanche 8 Janvier, 12 Février & 5 Mars

La Femme en Toute Fluidité – a weekend retreat just for women

A Weekend Break for Women to celebrate our strength, sensuality, softness & fluidity

Un Weekend pour Célébrer la Femme dans toute sa force, sa douceur, sa fluidité, sa sensualité…


18th – 20th November at the Logis de Bourg

Provence Southern France

Organised by the Yoga Journal France Charlotte is teaching this beautiful weekend to celebrate women! Joined by Isabelle Jan for the healthy cooking inspired by the yoga practices you will dive into an experience of the senses.

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Programme for the weekend

(please not this retreat is likely to be taught in French)

La femme en toute fluidité

Charlotte Saint Jean anime cette retraite pour le Yoga Journal France pour célébrer tous les aspects d’une femme – sa douceur, sa force, sa sensualité, ses phases de vie…. Basé sur le Prana Flow, un style créé par Shiva Rea, Charlotte vous guide tout au long du weekend sur un voyage de féminité fluide dans un cadre unique. Isabelle Jan l’accompagne pour la partie cuisine en toute vitalité afin de vous booster avant les mois hivernaux.

vendredi 18 novembre

Accueil et Goûter 16h00/16h30

Yoga 17h30 – 19h30 Prana Flow – une belle séance fluide pour présenter ce style de yoga et préparer votre weekend en douceur

Diner 20h00

Après le dîner : Présentation de la cuisine vitale et le yoga prana flow


samedi 19 novembre

8h00 Tisanes & Fruits au Réveil

8h30 – 10h30 Yoga Puissance Féminine – decouvrez votre Inner Fire. Une séance tonique pour le matin basé sur les Namaskar et série de Prana Flow

11h00 Brunch 

12h00 – 16h30 Temps Libre ou Karma Cooking – ouvert pour 3 à 4 personnes qui peuvent aider en la cuisine et donc apprendre comment cuisiner cette belle nourriture “vitale”

17h00 – 19h00 Yoga Sensualité Féminine – basée sur les techniques tantriques et Prana Flow une belle découverte de votre côté sensuel et “femme”

20h00 Diner


dimanche 20 novembre

8h00 Tisanes & Fruits au Réveil 

8h30 – 10h30 Yoga Hormone Yoga – une séance dynamique qui cible spécifiquement l’équilibre de vos hormones, l’augmentation du taux d’oestrogène et une harmonie de corps et esprit. Une série de posture créé par Dinah Rodrigues

Noter : la série de Hormone Yoga ce n’est pas adpatée pour les femmes qui ont eu un cancer de sein et/ou de l’utérus ou si vous savez que vous ne pouvez pas prendre des traitements de remplacement d’hormones. A signaler lors de votre réservation

11h00 Brunch 

12h00 – 14h00 Temps Libre / Détente / Ballade 

14h00 – 16h00 Découvrez Votre Inner Light dans cette séance lunaire et très fluide pour vous enraciner et trouver du “lightness” avant votre voyage chez vous 

16h30 départs…

Vue canapé



17th JUNE – 19th JUNE

CASERNE NIEL & DAWRIN opens its doors and lends us its space for this amazing Yoga Festival BLISS


For the third time the Bivouac, Charlotte & YogaChezMoi are organising this fabulous weekend of yoga kicking off with an open air yoga session with me on Friday 17th at 18h00 with live mix music by DJ Trich

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Saturday & Sunday this amazing space with fill up with yogis as we welcome musicians, yoga teachers, masseurs, market stall holders, you & on Saturday evening Caroline, Charlotte & Géraldine will be leading the Yogis du Coeur session in aid of this fabulous charity raising money for children needing a heart operation

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The festival will also be hosting an incredible photo exhibition by L’Oeil de Ken who photographs the homeless of Bordeaux & who Charlotte particularly wanted to invite in light of her work on the Live Love Life project

For all the information and to book your tickets head to the web site

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Monaco – Workshops & World Yoga Day Celebrations

Monday 20th JUNE 2016

@ YogaShala Monaco

18h30 – 20h00

Chakra Vinyasa Workshop

A beautiful fluid workshop that dives into Ayurvedic theory, the relationship of our bodies to the elements and to the energetic Chakras of our being. As we move from the Earth element & its stability, our Root Chakra, to the fluidity of Water, the power & heat of the Fire element and the lightness & space of Air & Ether we discover the intimate relationship between the physical, energetic & spiritual.


21st JUNE 2016



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Register now for this fabulous event with live Indian music by Nihar and a flowing sunshine filled yoga class by me